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Digital Holter Monitor with lead wires

High-quality Digital Holter, 30-Day Cardiac Event, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring services are now available full-time in your office at NO COST TO YOU!

All monitoring is done right from your practice or hospital, eliminating patient referrals and helping you provide the highest quality diagnostic care while maximizing your revenue with ZERO INVESTMENT.

How It Works...

1. Hook-up patient and have them return in 24 to 72 hours.

2. Send patient EKG data to us via secure, HIPAA-Compliant web site in minutes. After a thorough, professional analysis by certified techs, you'll have your report within 24 hours, often on the same day!

3. You bill for the hook-up AND interpretation components, while DigiCardio bills only for our part. We never charge your office and your patient only pays applicable co-pays/deductibles.

If split-billing isn't right for your situation, we're happy to work with you on a negotiated-fee basis. This is a great choice for hospital, overflow studies, clinical trials and any other situation where 3rd party insurance billing isn't practical. Call or email today for more details.

Our Mission

At DigiCardio, we know that a commitment to timely, quality patient care and professional ethics are paramount to success in our field. Too many diagnostic labs have compromised ethics, violated their clients' trust and created potential legal problems for everyone.

We also value the doctor-patient relationship and make every effort to avoid issues that could jeopardize your patient's confidence in your referral choice. Your patients are the life-blood of your practice, your referrals are the life-blood of ours.

Give us the opportunity to earn and keep your trust as an indispensable component of your practice and we're confident you'll understand why so many physicians and facilities across America place their trust in us every day!

Call us at (866) 344-4227 to get started today!


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